About EDC Retail

EDC Internet develops and manages successful concepts for online erotic shops and entertainment. EDC provides user-friendly and secure online solutions for consumers, resellers and affiliates. The www.edc-internet.com website is our 'home base'; this site contains links to our web shops and extensive information about our services and products.

Complete service

EDC Internet manages the entire chain of online sales and entertainment. From implementing and operating websites to packaging and delivering products. So EDC not only guarantees a thorough technical implementation of online shops, but is also responsible for completing orders and payments. Therefore: a complete, efficient and cost-saving range of services. This is the reason our customers enjoy razor-sharp prices without having to compromise on quality, speed, security and discretion.

Consumers, business customers and affiliates

Via www.edc-internet.com we point (potential) consumers, business customers and affiliates in the right direction.

If you have any questions, you can contact us without obligation at any time.

Terms & conditions, delivery, payment and questions

This website contains the general terms & conditions that are valid for all websites operated by EDC Internet. This means there are no surprises and you know what can offer you. This site also provides information on the partner organisations that we selected to help us with deliveries and payments.