Largest erotic webshop from holland the first to launch into China.

Veendam, The Netherlands - EasyToys Nederland is the first online shop for sex toys in
Europe to deliver to China. The Dutch cross-border organization launched the webshop from which the Chinese consumer can order sex toys online and have them
delivered home discreetly. The webshop is identical to the Dutch and offers a
similar assortment of popular brands with high quality products, extraordinary designs and
outstanding colors.
EasyToys offers a comprehensive assortment with over 12,000 erotic products for him and
her. The collection includes toys as vibrators, dildo’s, erotic lingerie, bondage and SM
items, as well as related articles such as condoms and lubricant. With a wide and diverse
range of products, EasyToys has become a comprehensive sex toy store for adults, and
opened online shops in countries surrounding Holland.
China is the world's largest erotic market, the market revenue is expected to reach 13 billion
EUR in the near future. Recent research has shown that consumers in China are becoming
more concerned about erotic product safety issues due to the lack of regulation
(quality control). Since the market has been filled with unqualified products, they tend to
have more faith in foreign brands. Anticipating the rapidly growing demand of high quality
erotic products in China, and the cross-border E-commerce trend, EasyToys decided to
expand into China to capture this market opportunity.
EasyToys is part of EDC Retail Group, known for the many successful consumer webshops
with a comprehensive assortment of erotic products. The company employs 70 people
in a completely overhauled logistics center that has recently opened its doors in
Veendam with a warehouse of 8000m3 which offers space to 35.000 items.