EDC team

The EDC team consists of young and passionate individuals with all the necessary skills and experience. Every team member has their own specialised skill, which contributes to a strong, complementary team. We are pleased to introduce the EDC Internet team:

Eric Idema - General Manager

Eric makes sure all operating activities run smoothly. His days are filled with concept development, project management, various marketing activities and lots of meetings and other activities involving communication. Eric's mobile phone never stops and his e-mail inbox is never empty.

Jeroen Kuijper - Technical Manager

Jeroen has been involved in EDC from the beginning and he has always been Eric's technical right-hand man. Jeroen studied to be a chemical engineer at the Delft University of Technology, but was always engaged in website development. At EDC Internet, Jeroen combines his engineering skills with web activities. CSS, (X)HTML, Javascript, SQL and PHP, you name it, he knows all about it and will always get the best out of everything.

Henriëtte - Customer Service

Henriëtte is the head of customer service. She assists customers via e-mail and telephone and helps them with many different questions. Henriëtte knows everything about products, orders, payments and/or deliveries.

Logistics Team

The EDC Internet logistics team is made up of several people (Michel, Dikkie, Jakob, Patrique, Hilde, Ramonja, Marlon and Ilona). They make sure that every order is packaged quickly and discreetly and that parcels reach our customers in no time.